Anti Hail Net

Shalimar Anti-hail net/Hail protection net UV stabilised/HDPE Monofilaments nets.

Shalimar Anti hail nets/Hail protection nets are made from 100% virgin HDPE monofilament with added anti Sulphur UV stabilisers to ensure long life and durability, making it last for many seasons. Hail nets are suitable and Widely used in agriculture for fruits and vegetables, and in Horticulture for saplings and flowers to prevent them from strong force of Wind, hail and extreme sunlight.

Our anti-hail nets are light weight, strong and durable, easy to install and reinstall. They protect the crops throughout the year to avoid damages caused by wind, hail and birds. It features with high tensile strength and elasticity thus helping in resistance from tears and abrasions. It also offers protection against frost, which crystallises on the netting instead of on the plants, resulting in providing favourable conditions for crop growth.


  • UV stabilised for long lasting ability
  • Easy to handle, flexible and simple to install
  • High-quality virgin polyethylene monofilament
  • Protects plants for hail and under excessive windy conditions
  • Extra strength and durability