Garbage Bags

Today as we live in an environmentally friendly world, we need to think of more than one way to keep the environment healthy and protective. All of us need a clean environment to live in and a healthy neighborhood, free from litter on the streets or in the building compound. Shalimar Pack fulfills this very need with its range of Garbage Bags.

Our Garbage Bags are designed to spread the word of hygiene and cleanliness by easy disposal of waste. Our bags offer great flexibility, convenience and ensure a high degree of hygiene, whether at home or in office.

Our garbage bags come in roll form and in convenient packs of 30 or 15 bags. Each bag has a unique detachable tie-tape to tie the bags after use and for easy disposal. They are tough, thanks to a special type of star seal at the bottom. It comes with a simple perforation technology for quickly separating the bags from the roll.

Product Specifications

Sizes Pieces Sizes in Inch.
Small 30 bags 17"X20"
Medium 30 bags 19"X22"
Large 15 bags 24"X32"
Extra Large 15 bags 30"X37"
Jumbo 15 bags 30"X44"

* Available in Black, White & Green Colours.