Shade Net

Experience the power of shade with Shade Nets from Shalimar which offer protection from sunlight and different harsh surrounding conditions. Made from Virgin HDPE and added UV stabilizers, these Shade Nets are extremely durable and very long lasting.

With multiple protective features Shalimar Shade Nets find extensive usage in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forticulture, Construction sites and other general purpose shading. Also widely use for making pandals in parties and functions.

Our Shade Nets are offered in various sizes and colours with Shade percentages varying from 30% to 90%.


  • Wide range of Shade Nets made from virgin HDPE with UV stabilizers.
  • Rust Proof. Strong, Durable, Tear free & Flexible.
  • To provide uniform shadow & to control air movement in greenhouses & nurseries.
  • Economical, Easy to Fix and can be cleaned with water & reusable.
  • Offered with shade percentages varying from 30% to 90%.


  • Agriculture, Horticulture, and Floriculture where it offers protection from ultraviolet rays, birds, insects, harsh weather and much more.
  • Construction site and high storey buildings to prevent fall of Derbis or wastage.
  • Fencing and General purpose shading.
  • Commonly used as Flooring in outdoor parties, functions etc.
  • Widely used in Poultry farms, Fish ponds & Cattle shed roofs etc.


  • Offered in Various sizes & colours as per requirement.