Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

For almost four decades, Shalimar has innovated and manufactured the best quality products to supply the needs of the dynamic and evolving markets. CROSS LAMINATED TARPAULIN by Shalimar is an innovative complete protection, all weather cover made from multi layered cross cut film, fused together giving it maximum strength and high durability. Made in our state of art manufacturing facility the film consists of speciality grades of polymer and added UV stabiliser giving it the best desired properties required to withstand extreme rain, heat and sunlight. Our tarpaulins have reinforced Seams on all sides with ultrasonically sealed eyelets on all four corners.

We at Shalimar follow strict quality procedures with help of our fully equipped lab with latest testing equipments helping us maintain consistent quality at all times.


  • Made of best quality and virgin material.
  • Strong, durable and long lasting quality.
  • Added UV stabilisers gives full protection from heat, rain and sunlight.
  • 100% waterproof, leak proof and all weather proof.
  • 100% recyclable and environment friendly.
  • Available in wide range of sizes, colours and various qualities.
  • Reinforced Seam and double reinforced ultrasonic eyelet on all sides.
  • Outstanding flexibility, hence best suited to cover irregular shapes and sizes.


  • Used as protection covers for truck, trailer and tempo for items like fruits, vegetables, grains and other industrial or household items when in transport.
  • Widely used in general purpose shading for godowns, factories, shops, etc. Provides shelter from rain, wind and sunlight.
  • Used for monsoon shades, covering shamianas / mandaps in all festive occasions and also used for outdoor camping.
  • Used in construction sites to protect brickwork or masonry from weather damage.
  • Used in farms to make temporary shelters for cattle during the hotter or colder months.
  • Used to cover and protect goods from all weather conditions.


Available colours:- Blue/Yellow/Natural
GSM 30 45 55
70 90 120
150 200 250
Sizes (In Feet)
09'X06' 18'X15' 30'X18' 36'X24'
10'X09' 21'X15' 30'X21' 36'X30'
12'X09' 21'X18' 30'X24' 40'X30'
12'X12' 24'X15' 30'X27' 40'X24'
15'X09' 24'X18' 30'X30' 60'X40'
15'x12' 27'X18' 33'X18'
15'X15' 27'X21' 36'X18'
18'X12' 27'X24' 36'X21'