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We at Shalimar are delighted to introduce to our customers the range of our Compostable bags. These bags are made of 100% authentic Compostable material which consists of PLA ( Polylactic Acid ) which is derived from Corn starch and other bio based compostable natural material. These bags given the desired natural environment decomposes into soil. and again mixes naturally with the soil maintaing the fertility of the soil and thus making it 100% Earth friendly material in all ways.

Shalimar has acquired its CPCB certificate "COMPOSTABLE" IS/ISO:17088.

We at Shalimar have responsibly taken our initiative towards safeguarding and conserving the nature by introducing our range of Compostable bags.

As citizens it is our responsibility to promote the use of these compostable bags and dispose it responsibly thus doing our bit towards the environment.


Compostability means when a material chain breaks down and starts decomposing by itself given the natural environment like Sunlight, Moisture and Soil which then later gets consumed by microorganisms and then the bio waste releases in this process which acts as a natural manure and hence helps maintain the fertility of the soil.

Compostable is the material made from polylactic acid ( PLA ) which is derived from corn and sugar. This material does not contain any plastic based material.