Vermi Bed

Vermi beds from the house of Shalimar is a great innovation and is widely used for organic farming. The vermi compost made from our vermi bed makes the soil & crop completely free from chemicals and other harmful substances as compared to chemical fertilizers. It also enriches the soil and improves its fertility giving the farmer better yield of crop in a very eco friendly way.

Our vermi bed is made of seven layers bonded together, its light in weight hence very easy to install but at the same time its strong and durable. It can be assembled anywhere, can be relocated and also can be reused several times. Our high quality UV stabilizers protect the vermi bed from continues exposure to strong heat and sunlight preventing it from degrading or deshaping, thus increasing the life of the Vermi bed.

The Aeration net windows provided for maximum air ventilation maintains a proper balance of oxygen & moisture that helps keeping a controlled environment for healthier, faster and the best quality vermi compost.